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Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Sites For Ecommerce Store

If you are thinking to start your own ecommerce online stores to showcase your product at online platform than you need the best ecommerce web hosting site to start your online store success.

It is not so easy to setup an ecommerce store but it can be possible with the best ecommerce web hosting sites who will hold your hand take you through the best way possible to get start.

There are hundreds of web hosting provider around you in the internet but finding the best one is not so easy because every hosting company is claiming that they are the best.

It is true! Do you think they all are best of all, I don’t think so.

Why Ecommerce web hosting sites are important?

The reason is hosting and domain business is one of the most profitable industry in today’s digital world so those who don’t have excess knowledge about hosting have invested their money on hosting industry to earn big money.

So before putting your money in crocodile mouth you need to keep in mind few things that best ecommerce web hosting sites are those who give 99.99% uptime guarantee, thunderlite speed, best server response time, 24/7 hours support, advance features and technology, etc.

According to our research and survey, we identified that there are different factors depends on ecommerce web hosting sites which includes server response time, backup space, manage ecommerce stores, website speed, lead generation system, product management system that will definitely help you to scale your ecommerce business in the long run.

After doing research day and night we found some best ecommerce web hosting sites for your online ecommerce success.

Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Sites 2021

BLUEHOST - An all-rounder player in hosting

HOSTINGER – scaling ecommerce revenue

SCALAHOSTING – Advance ecommerce & SEO tools

Here above some of the best ecommerce web hosting sites I have discuss that gives you a big break through to start online stores from scratch.

But always keep in mind that all web hosting provider comes up with different types of hosting like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, self-managed hosting, and cloud-based hosting.

Each web hosting is different from other in term of pricing or features and use for different category of work depending on your business size and landscape.

So let’s briefly discuss ecommerce web hosting sites one by one:


If we want to talk about the best ecommerce hosting site in 2021 and beyond then we can’t ignore Bluehost as one of the profitable decision we or anybody will take to buy the hosting for their online stores business.

In bluehost you get varieties of hosting plan from basic to enterprise level but every hosting comes up with different varieties of features and tools use for different business, like for your ecommerce business $9.95/Mo* hosting plan is best for the managed WordPress with woo-commerce features to start with WordPress site.

If you are starting like a blogger or want to sell product online with bulks of inventory then I would highly recommend you to go for $12.95/Mo* plan here you get more advance product management features, selling themes option, payment process, woo-commerce, etc.

As I have already told you in above paragraph that every hosting company offer different types of hosting due to different consumer requirement and budget in term of low budget you can start with WordPress hosting if you want to develop CMS site but for large companies focus on speed, features and function is your main priority then here is dedicated hosting $79.99/Mo* can give you beyond your expectation see the features.

Benefits of BLUEHOST
  • Get free SSL, Domain, privacy & protection for your online store
  • Add amazon pay and PayPal pro features for easy payment.
  • More features like product add-ons software add-ons
  • FedEx shipping allow to transfer product in 220 countries
Features Add-Ons:

Bluehost gives you a dynamic state to start ecommerce business with turbo server allow fast loading web page and server response to your user in less than 0.5 millisecond. A large SSD storage is very important to manage all your content and data of your website and allow you to gain high volume of traffic per month.

Other features:

Woocommerce and online product listing software only made for ecommerce web hosting site will allow you to list large amount of product and different categories. For example if you have start your business 2 years back and now you want to scale your business with different other product then you need more storage and woo-commerce advance features like unlimited product, blogging features to start writing blog of your favourite product to gain more traffic, payment process, email marketing, live chat option.

Price Comparison

If you take hosting from other provider than you might get it at little low price at $3.99 /Mo* but it will be waste of money and work because it’s not necessary every cheap product is good some hosting provider offer hosting at very cheapest rate with a limited features that will never work for you. So you may need best product whereas it may cost you high at $9.95/Mo* or $12.95/Mo*.


Hostinger is one of the best hosting platform especially for ecommerce business with wide varieties of plan for all user. You will find good volume of choice in plan and exclusive features to manage your ecommerce web hosting site. It is never too late to have a look on your favourite hosting and domain of your own choice.

It has different types of hosting for user convenient from lowest price to the highest price. While buying hosting some major factor need to keep in mind in terms of best performance including server speed, SSD storage, web page speed, security and data protection you can read the policy here.

When you land on hostinger site you might want to see why people like him and what guarantee he gives always.

So here is the answer it is one of the best and user friendly hosting company known for user partner and adopt himself as user need. It provide fast server uptime guarantee as shown in server status page.

Every ecommerce business need good server response time and large data storage and I know it never be ignored from anyone even if it a small business or multinational company speed is your first priority. Hostinger know how important it is to rank any ecommerce site in Google when it comes to ecommerce business and to sale product online.


  • Easy inventory management system
  • 99% uptime guaranteed
  • Easy setup tour
  • 100% safe and secure data policy
  • 100+ payment option available
hostinger price plan
Image source: Hostinger site
Inventory Management Hosting

If you are looking for a large space to manage your thousands of product in one place then hosting is one of the best ecommerce web hosting site. It provide dynamic features, advance shipping and payment option that will make your work easier in terms of sell goods online.

Design & Layouts

For every normal or ecommerce website designing is one the biggest factor that actually takes time to come up in-front for designer. Every website owner want to create an amazing website that can attract customers every time of visiting the landing page of your site. Some agency manage to handle budget can hire designer.

But what about small business owner or blogger who can’t afford designer? Yes, this is the big question everyone is looking for.

Don’t worry here is the answer hostinger comes up with one of the ZYRO an ecommerce development platform you can design an ecommerce store in your website just by drag and drop of elements and menu where you like.

Zyro features

Zyro is partner with hostinger for more easy operate you don’t have to go anywhere you will find the dashboard to track shipping, payment option, product management, more.

You can easily manage all your customers’ feedback, product display system, product in and out tracking, monthly report, product manage alert helps you to remind where ever goods near the finishing point.

Price comparison

If you are thinking to but hostinger hosting for your ecommerce then I appreciate your decision. Some hosting plan are specially made for woocommerce wordpress are as low as $3.99/mo* with limited features available for beginner but if you are businesss owner avail $23.99/mo*

Is you website made in magento platform? If yes, then you are lucky because hostinger additionally made for magento start $9.99/mo*.


Scalahosting is one of the best hosting known for SEO & ecommerce management platform with lots of extensive tools and features help SEO professional to rank your website. A good ecommerce ecommerce hosting means great hosting service gives you valuable resources and support lifetime.

We can search other provider around us for our stores but other factors need to consider when scalahosting is here. Here are some benefits of choosing Scalahosting:


  • FREE data migration
  • 1 click install
  • Sshield cybersecurity
  • Optimized woocommerce stores or any other platform
  • FREE CDN for dynamic speed
Scalahosting price chart
Image source: Scalahosting site
Features & Technology

Today advance technology is transforming the whole tech industry with great tools and features in automobiles, gadgets, computer and hosting is make the work more easy and shifting the people into robots.

If we are talking about the technology then can’t ignore hosting as the whole world is connect through internet and content is the only medium of connection so we can say every website is connect through hosting and domain which mean more highly advance technology configure hosting bring great opportunities.

Pure scalahosting provide remote daily backup features, SShield cybersecurity, 1 click install woocommerce, FREE domain, FREE SEO analysis, FREE advance SEO tools.

Security & Support

If you have choosen your lovely scalahosting duds then forget about scam and malware action enjoy your life, scalahosting team is taking care if your website and data with superior security.

Some amazing security includes are web attack blocker, dedicated firewall, custom security rules, malware scans & removal, FREE managed service, FREE CDN and more.

Price comparison

Scary part at the end when you see other hosting at low price nothing wrong to choose those but if you are starting ecommerce business then you have to carry little high budget only for hosting because domain if FREE to Get Set GO!!!

Start with lowest as $3.95/mo* if you are starting as beginner but good plan consider for those who have 100+ of product, payment gateway, large existing customers data, traffic and speed then I recommend woo advanced at $9.95/mo*.

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