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Best Google chrome extension 2021: Free extension for daily Work

In this blog we are going to talk about the shortlist best Google chrome extension 2021 and futuristic mostly use free Google extension add-ons.

Google chrome is one of the famous and highest using browser in the world. In 2020 it was estimated that 2.65+ billion active user use Google chrome as the main browser for suffering internet. And the 2nd famous browser is safari with active user 446 million user worldwide.

Today people interact with internet 12 hours daily, which intend them to use to make their work easy but still chrome is a browser without extension it is less productive.

If you want to make your browser more powerful and productive you need to use extension which comes with packs of chrome extension store. You will find millions of extension useful for your daily work and make your task easier.

Here in this blog I have shortlisted some most amazing and useful best Google chrome extension that would definitely make your day more memorable.

Popular & Best Google Chrome Extension 2021: Free To Use

Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely – FireShot

Rating – 32428, Downloader – 3 million+ user

It is one of the most popular extension use for taking full webpage screenshot or in variety of diameter as per your requirement and allow you to capture, edit, customised and save it in PDF/JPEG/GIF/PNG, upload, print, send to OneNote, clipboard or email.


Rating – 7877, Downloader 1 million+ user

It is one of the highest rating extension for YouTuber content creator you love to make videos and upload videos on YouTube. It helps you to customise your YouTube title, description and tags for more visibility and ranking for your target audience. Check out best deal YouTube ranking software.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Rating – 15131, Downloader – 1 million+ user

When it comes to capture screenshot or record screen to make videos then of the highest rating extension is nimbus a 2nd famous extension use to capture webpage screenshot and screen record of your page and easily convert to video mp4 form.


Rating – 2007, Downloader – 800K+ user

If you are a SEO professional and love to do SEO task and do regular check-up of your website health and ranking then I must say you can’t ignore MozBar is one of the highest rating SEO extension use to check ranking for any chosen country, check Domain Authority DA and Page Authority PA of any webpage, access to backlinks analysis, keywords and dofollow and nofollow links, and you can check schema mark-up, attributes, etc.

Mate Translate – translator, dictionary

Rating – 6401, Downloader – 400K+ user

If you are not a good reader or have vocabulary problem or even not understand the meaning of some words then then Google chrome extension can help you a lot to become a dictionary master.

You can get access to 103 languages to translate your word you seen on the web page. You can even write word to see the meaning just click on the extension icon mate translate to find the meaning.

People like to read blogs but what happen if you don’t know the mean what you are reading mate have many options to select in full page translation, synchronization, phrasebook, etc.

best google chrome extension tools
Chrome Extension Store


Rating – 330, Downloader – 300K+ user

If you are curious to know about what technology is use behind to make the particular webpage then you are reading the right para. Yes, Whatruns will tell you everything about the website technology how it made in which framework, codesource, analytics, plugins, worpdress, themes, fonts, security, etc. Now nothing is been hide from you.

Tailwind Publisher

Rating – 105, Downloader – 100K+ user

Tailwind is know for the best performance to all content creator., blogger, social media influence or a digital marketer you like to post videos, images or any thing every single day you ust need to click on the tailwind extension icon and schedule your post for future.

It will only be happen when you create an account in tailwind app just go and make your free account. You get amazing features to start from with schedule posting, repin bulk images to Pinterest and Instagram, etc.

Shareaholic for Pinterest

Rating – 337, Downloader – 50K+ user

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platform for image posting and sharing. It is an easy and FREE way to pin your images of your website directly from your website without opening them Pinterest website.


Rating – 2116, Downloader – 8 million+ user

Metamask is one of the most trending and fascinating blockchain extension use to manage your ethereum coins and help enable application in your browser. It also lets you to create and manage your own identity so when people want to perform transaction and write blockchain user need to either accept or reject the transaction from the extension. Get code extension

Social Blade

Rating – 882, Downloader – 400K+ user

If you are social media addict love to create video for YOutube and Twitch TV then before using some other tools try Social blade is all in one made for youtube, Twitch content creator. Just simply download and add your extension in the bucket and start analysing channel grade, subscriber, view rank, estimated monthly earning, tags video use, monthly subscriber and views growth analytics.


Rating – 272, Downloader – 700K+ user

Lighthouse Google chrome extension is specially made for me like content writer, blogger, who love to write anything. This extension is an opensource tools helps you to improve the performance, writing quality, spelling check and auditing full webpage.

Full Page Screenshot

Rating – 712, Downloader – 200K+ user

You know it by the name of an extension a capture and screenshot tool extension free to use no need to sign up or create an account to get work done. An offline extension use without internet so start using it.

SEO Minion

Rating – 458, Downloader – 100K+ user

Good to go with SEO expert without wasting time any more. It is an all in one full pack SEO tool box for all SEO and digital marketer. Some major important tools includes, Analyse on-page and off-page SEO, highlight all internal and external links, check broken links, hrefland checker, SERP preview, Google search indicator, keyword rank checker, and many more.

Print for Google Chrome

Rating – 721, Downloader – 200K+ user

Printing anything becomes easier than ever before. Just a few click away print Google chrome extension help you to print any website, letter, image, pdf, infographic, business card, banner, poster, etc.

Rememberry – Translate and Memorize

Rating – 655, Downloader – 90K+ user

A translate extension with 100+ languages easily detect your web page language and translate it into your favourite one.

Amazon Publisher Studio Extension Beta

Rating – 70, Downloader – 10K+ user

It is one of the popular extension for affiliate marketer who love commission earning platform. Amazon publisher extension made for people want to earn money by selling amazon product online. It is simple to use just download and add extension in your browser then enable it toggle. Now open select your word you want to hyperlink with product link click create link button you will see list of product select anyone and add your affiliate link on it.

Save as PDF

Rating – 2139, Downloader – 200K+ user

Save as PDF is an easy way to convert any webpage in to PDF in one click. Just download and add your extension in browser then just open any website and click on save as PDF icon your page convert into PDF in just second.

To customise your pdf you can sign up for paid version at pdfcrowd get access to page size, orientation, margins, password protection etc.

Custom Cursor for Chrome™

Rating – 29086, Downloader – 6 million+ user

Design your moving cursor into amazing stunning custom cursor so people can say wow!

You get collection of 1000+ of custom cursor that make your move interesting just download your extension and add it in your browser and select your favourite design and refresh your page you will see the change.

GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

Rating – 55419, Downloader – 5 million+ user

Capture your webpage entirely in different way. Easy to use without paying anything no need to create account just download extension and add it browser open webpage and click on the extension icon you will see tool start capturing your whole page from top to botton.

 You can customised your screenshot to make it more interesting and download it into pdf or png file.

Does extension slow down your browser?

Yes, If you install many extension in your browser it will breakdown due to extension start working in the back of browser software and consume RAM & memory and decrease your performance.

How may best google chrome extension are there in browser?

It more or less 200K extension are available in the browser. Some are still in maintenance mode.

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